Application of bearings

Cage assemblies are used almost everywhere in heavy industry and frequently designed for pieces of machinery in food processing, transportation equipment, etc. The biggest consumers of cage assemblies are the conpanies from construction, weight-handling, oil and gas, electric installation industries as well as from special vehicles building.
Customers of Shumikha Bearings representing automotive factories use rollers as coupling pins to assemble big hardware and cage assemblies for drive shafts and other types of shafts. Tractor factories and special vehicles producing plants buy cage assemblies for similar mechanical units and also for motion components such as caterpillars, rotating cabins and towers. Quite big customers of Shumikha Bearings are bearing plants on CIS territory because the most important plant's profile is manufacturing items from 1mm up to 50mm. As a rule customer plant acquires specified rollers for further assemblage process.
Quality needle bearings have ever-growing use (in this respect they are inferior only to ball bearings) because of high thrust load and space-saving capability. Thrust load capability of roller bearings at average exceeds 1.5-2 as much as corresponding values of ball bearings of the same size.